New Life Begins

I decided to take stab at the Sunday Whirlwind and write a short story using the words fraught, glimpse, shape, moment, lead, gap, thrust, might, breath, shift, sigh and low.

New Life Begins

A sigh escaped Jesse’s lips when he caught a glimpse of the body laying in the kitchen with a pool of blood around the man’s body. He had no idea what he was going to do and he was fraught with fear that he would be blamed.

His first thought was to moved the body, but the man was huge; and Jesse was in no shape to shift the body let alone move him. He decided that the best idea was to create as much of a gap between this situation as possible and leave town.

The first thing he needed to do was wipe high and low for anything he might have touched when he entered the house; this was going to take a long time since he hadn’t noticed the body for almost 30 minutes, so he grabbed a rag and some glass cleaner and got to work.

Finally after cleaning everything he could have possibly touched the moment arrived when it was time leave the house, as he grabbed some gloves, and turned the knob to leave, he took a look around and knew he was going to have to lead a completely different life from now on.

He walked across the street, got behind the wheel and thrust the car, into drive and with a deep breath began a new life on the run.

© Chris Chonos

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