The Goodbye (A short write)

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The news hit me with such force it seemed to shake the foundation of my soul like waves crashing upon the shore during a mighty storm. My mind was battered and bruised with no chance of repair, how had it come to this? I was strong, determined, and full of hope when I came to this new point in my life, but this was more than my heart could bear; and my barriers started to crumble.

My life was shattered when she told me there was no chance to reconcile our differences; and that was of no use to her emotionally, as well as physically. She no longer needed me to hold her or make love to her, but I still needed her there was no denying that fact, and still, she berated me and continued to crush my soul.

S​o, as she continued to blast me with insults that hurt more than any beating she could give my body my mind wandered to a better time, a place where the sun shined; and she was the most beautiful person. The sun was shining upon her hair and her eyes sparkled providing a glimpse into a future that would last forever, but that was not to be; I had to face the truth that our relationship had run its course, and with that, I looked deep into her eyes and said goodbye my love.

© Chris Chonos

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