My writing today

Lots of short little writes today. Been writing in my journal a lot and taking bits here and there from my writings. I have actually enjoyed it and my journal is filling up quick.

I have gotten more in the habit of writing things down in my journal, which has been very liberating for me creativity wise. I feel more open there and it gives me a little more time to reflect on my writing. That is a habit I should have gotten in a long time ago.

Quote of the day has been a new one for me, I downloaded an app called ‘The free Dictionary by Farlex’, it is a pretty cool app and has a lot of word games and tools to help with writing.

I never know how to end these long posts where I just rant out my thoughts so I guess I will end with a simple…have a great day!

3 thoughts on “My writing today

  1. I really love the app you mentioned!! I actually checked it out after finding your article and decided to come back to your post to share. For sure going to be keeping up with your posts, you seem to have really genuine stuff. Have a good one. Hope you’re staying healthy!! (I wasn’t going to do this LOL but…feel free to check my posts out as well! No need to at all but incase you feel up to it!)

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    1. Thank you it helps out a lot and helps to provide some inspiration, but I take most of my inspiration from things around and me and how I feel. Sometimes it is dribble but it helps heal my mind and soul. I will definitely check out your site…have a great day and thanks for commenting.


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