Monday Thoughts

As I ponder the last week and the happenings there is so much to think about. The world events definitely effected my writing. The emotions it pulls out of me for all the suffering and devastation can’t be overstated. My writing has definitely helped me deal with these feelings. I normally keep away from these topics but as a poet I can not and will most likely have more poetry dealing with the current events in the Ukraine.

My second thought is on some of my love/erotic style of poetry, I never wish to offend anyone or make them feel uncomfortable with my poetry but erotic poetry has opened my eyes to that side of me. I have written stories in the past but not to the extent that I’m using Twitter/Wordpress at the same time.

Finally I would like to say thank you for all the support from other writers and viewers on WordPress, I can’t say enough about how encouraging and kind you are with the comments I receive. I am a very simplistic and straight forward writer and I truly appreciate all of your support of my writing. I will always be genuine in what I’m writing…I don’t mix words and they are truly the real me.

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