Monday Thoughts (Where does inspiration come from)

Where I get my inspiration for my art? I know a lot people ask everyone from musicians to painters where their inspiration comes from when they create their art.

I feel that is a very personal question and sometimes clear and not so clear; and a lot of times we just leave it up to the person admiring our work to create their own interpretation and what it means to them.

I personally take my inspiration from here and there. Some of my writing comes from personal experiences in the now while other poems I write come from past experience.

Since most of my writing is put into my online journal and on the go I might take inspiration from a movie or show I’m watching it if I just see something like while I’m out and about…I do a lot of my writing on the fly, some of it is good and some are pieces that I clean up or rewrite later on. Either way there is imputation all around.

So I guess what I’m trying to say is I don’t have one single muse for what I write except for my love poetry, that is for my beautiful wife as she inspires me with all the love she provides and beauty she possesses.

Everyone keep writing and look around you never know where your next poem, song, painting or any other art you create may come from.

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