Monday Thoughts

A​s I sat and pondered what I would write for today’s thoughts my mind drifted back to the first time I remember writing a short story, or writing anything for the pure joy of writing. With all the essays and papers you write in school because of some curriculum rule escape me, but that one time of pure joy and creating a story that was all mine has stuck with me.

I​ was in 4th grade and the teacher wanted us to write a story, but the kicker was it could be your own creation, and not a report on a book or subject that the teacher picked out. My choice was a mystery where a detective solved a murder case; pretty heavy subject for a 4th grader, but my interests have always included cliff hangers or mysteries, even at a young age.

T​he pure joy that came from creating your own story and characters drew me in, but with no real encouragement for that self-expression my interests faded, and I moved away from writing. 

M​ove onto my teenage years and, poof, all of the sudden my interest returned to writing; but it wasn’t the stories but poetry. In high school we studied Shakespeare, this truly inspired me to write, but again the structure and ridged writing that was introduced to me discouraged my in creative writing classes. I know that poetry has certain styles and structure, but I wanted to write my ideas; and as a result I was discouraged once again. 

Y​ou could say after these experiences I became a reclusive writing, I truly wrote for myself. I had notebooks full of writing that I didn’t share with anyone, that is until I found blog outlets like Wordpress. I have written on everything from Google + to Tumblr, but Wordpress has been my outlet for the last year. I’m no longer afraid to share my work with the world, in other words, I feel free to express all the art I have enjoyed, or wanted to try.

M​y history with writing has been a mixed bag, and I know I am never going to be famous or cheered on as an amazingwriter. The one thing I know is I will keep writing, and getting my words out there for the world to see.

I​s this wanting to be seen?

I​s this wanting to be heard?

I​s this wanting to free something?

The answer to all these is a resounding ‘Yes’, but I think all of us want that and look forward to my future in writing and maybe some day I will get noticed, or win an award for my work, but until then I will continue to let my words flow.

©Chris Chonos

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