Monday Thoughts

S​itting down and writing my thoughts has been great training in writing discipline and a way to clear my head out one day in a public forum, as I was thinking about what to write it occurred to me that sometimes the best writing is when you give thanks to the people that read my work, and the advice that they offer.

T​oday I would like to thank all you for reading my poetry and in particular ‘The Reluctant Poet’. He provided a book suggestion to me the other day called ‘Poemcrazy’; this book has been an inspiration to me; and started to give me focus on my writing. The practices that are included in the chapters may seem obvious to some, but to me they are eye-opening. I have included it my library on my phone, and mark pages with bookmarks; I’m going to be honest I had never done that before. 

T​he other readers of my writing give inspiration with their works, and kind words. To know there’s a community of people that support and encourage you is truly overwhelming. I have now completed a little over a year of writing in WordPress and look forward to reading other people’s work and creating more myself.

S​o, to summarize this Monday Thought is dedicated to all you…. Thank you.

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