Monday Thoughts

Monday Thoughts

This Monday I’m thinking about how much of a struggle it has really been to write.

I kept up with my quotes but really struggled with writing any original poetry, but sometimes I think it is good to have a few days off and work on another creative outlet and music is mine.

I didn’t publish but one piece and did a lot of the pieces for myself, I think that is sometimes a good thing too…be creative not for everyone else but for yourself.

I am doing more of that as it is sometimes a great release and self therapy.

5 thoughts on “Monday Thoughts

  1. I can relate to everything you said now! You are definitely not alone. I took some days off now and focused on my music, which I don’t want to publish as well. And had struggled with reading and writing words, but sang everything I thought of to myself. Maybe it’s the energies of the world. It’s always good to listen to yourself and do what you feel is good for you

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    1. I publish a few pieces of music every once in a while if it fits or if I think of something to write that fits the mood…what do you use to create your music? I use GarageBand.

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      1. I admire you for it, I am still quite shy to share. For now I don’t create the music, I record myself a cappella to music I make up in my head. So I write and sing and don’t make any actual beats or music. Hopefully soon. I am learning

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