Monday Thoughts

Ok, ok…I know it is Tuesday but yesterday was a rough day so you get my thoughts on Tuesday…if you want them or not…lol.

Yesterday we put our cat Blue down, it was a rough day, I didn’t know him as long as my wife or step son did, but it is truly amazing how an animal can grab your heart, he inspired me to write the poem yesterday and once again helped me feel better, remembering all the good things about him.

We have two dogs as well and all are our fur babies, they show unconditional love; and yesterday just reminded me how you need to appreciate them because they have such a short time with you. They wag their tails, jump up and always listen to you no matter what, yes I talk to them.

So today is a day of remembering all Blue did for us and how much we will miss him, but also a day to remember to appreciate our fur babies and love them as much as they love us.

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