Monday Thoughts (Just Rambling)

I​ am always looking for new challenges and I have embarked on a new project this last weekend. I have started messing and learning 3D imaging with a software called Blender; it is an open-source software that is very powerful. 

I​ hope to integret this into my poetry and music, but we will see how the learning goes…the first project is going to be a doughnut; and even though this may seem like a very simple object there are a lot more steps then I ever thought there would be to something I think of as so simple.

I​ am thinking of sharing my process starting something that is completely new to me, but you never know with me…I can become very quiet and change things up at any moment, but will continue to share my poetry when the mood strikes me.

T​he quotes have come to an end, I have decided to stop doing that for a while and focus on other things so this coming week look for different content…just wait for the surprise, but if you like my writing don’t worry there will be plenty of that peppered in there

A​s you can tell this post is definitely a ramble, but that’s what I do sometimes…as always thank you to all of those that follow me.

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