Writing book Day 1 (30 May 2022)

So, this is the first installment of my diary about writing my poetry book. I actually started last weekend and created the title and wrote my first poem.  I decided to keep the title simple for now, but may change my mind; and called it ‘Pictures and Poetry’. 

I want this book to capture some of my photography and new poetry. I plan on sharing a few of the poems with you, my blog follower, along with the photography.

Like I said before, I actually started writing the book last weekend; and can already tell you finding time with a busy life has made it difficult to really focus on writing and looking through the thousands of photos I have to go through. I knew it would be tough, but oh my god…I wish I was a better organizer of photos and actually naming them.

Today I finally got back to the second photo and have started writing a poem…I have almost thought about taking new photos, but really want to go through my past photography and showcase it…maybe there will just be more of my new photography on my blog.

Well, that is it for today…I can’t wait to share this adventure with all of you….let the journey begin.

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