Monday Thoughts

This is one time I didn’t have to search for the words or thoughts for Monday, my writing is my focus for today; or should I say lack of writing.

To be honest I have actually been doing a lot of writing but none that has been shared here or anywhere else for that matter. I have been focused on writing in my journal; and putting ideas down in my journal. I have truly found my journal to be a real outlet for me…I actually have 3 journals…one about my personal feelings, one with writing ideas and one that involves my book and thoughts put in there specifically for ideas for that writing and time writing the book.

I use a digital journal that is on my phone, tablet and computer called ‘One Day’…it is a really cool journal app that does cost money but does allow me to share my journal on all my devices as well as allowing me to actually text journal entries to myself….it has been a great tool.

The last week has been nice and don’t expect much work from me on here…in fact I’m taking a couple of weeks off from writing here…sometimes it feels like pressure I put on myself to put something down every day…so I will be on vacation of sorts and won’t be posting anything here till the 20th and focusing on music and my 3D graphics…oh yeah and my poetry book, I promise I will be back…see you on the flip side.

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