I’m Back

I took a short break from writing and posting here other than a song I created and poem I wrote a couple weeks ago, otherwise all of my work has been for me and taking a closer look at what I write and not editing my work so much…even though I don’t edit much and just kind of write on the fly, but there is some weird things I wrote that have helped the creative juices just flow…also even though it shouldn’t, feeling as though I have to write creates more stress than it should.

With all that said I’m ready to get back in the saddle and get some more work out there. Good to be back.

Here is a piece that I wrote a couple of days ago:

A Heap

Falling to the ground in a huddled heap

Strong emotions flow not seep

Lost with no control

Falling into depressions hole

Dig my way out, must find a way

Looking to the brighter day

© Chris Chonos

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