Wedding Yesterday

So yesterday I took photos for friends of mine Jack and Kim. Had a great time with the photos and this great couple. This was the fourth wedding I’ve taken pictures for…and so much fun minus the rain.

When we started the, outside ceremony, it started to rain…but that never took away from all of the happiness this couples shared. Umbrellas up for the guests and me and the camera getting wet…lol, but not one disappointed face in the crowd.

It was a motorcycle themed wedding and it was fun to see the bikes and even though there was a delay for the group photos, smiles all around with the wedding party, even when there was frustration with having take the photos so late.

Remember never let the obstacles in front of you ruin your day, just persevere and you can accomplish anything…may post some photos in the next couple of days…a day off from photos is necessary after a full day of photos like these.

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