Many Days-New Goals

I have been very quiet in my writing these past few days. I feel as though my writing has run it’s course, it has been a terrible feeling. I feel I want to write when I can’t; and when I can write I won’t.

It has been a struggle to write lately so I have gone back to an old friend, meditation, to help ease my mind and maybe give me some clarity.

I have done this in the past and it has helped immensely, but for some unknown reason I abandon it or find some reason that I can’t practice that day, well, I’m here to tell you that I set goals for myself.

The first goal I set is to make sure that I meditate at least once a day even if it is for only a short time. I have been using an app that has a daily short 7 minute affirmation session with a 2 minute meditation session and it is my go to in the mornings…so that goal has been met for the last 28 days.

Second goal I set was to take breathing breaks during the day, especially work days. I now do 2 4 minute sessions for my breaks…it has helped keep focus on work and calmed my anxiety and the stress I feel sometimes.

Third goal is one 12-15 minute meditation session a day. I have struggled sometimes to get this in but I have been able to get a few in during my lunch break and this has truly been the most helpful because I can do a focused meditation practice done focused on how I’m feeling.

So yes, I’m on the meditation train and it feels amazing. I’m more relaxed and focused at work; and I hope this translates to my poetry and writing.

And with the final goal, to make meditation a practice that I do at least once during the day…this is a life long goal that I hope to be able to keep to myself. The most days I had ever meditated in a row was 22, so beat that, now to make a life long habit.

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