Sunday Thoughts

I was sitting here today and thinking about my poetry and writing and wondering if these are practice runs for a great poem just waiting to flow out of me.

I write pretty much on the fly and don’t always put a whole bunch of thought into my writing. I like to call it writing from the gut, just a term I use to let myself know I’m writing just my feelings with very little thought of how someone else will interpret and take my writing.

I’ve also been reading a lot of poetry lately from Billy Collins and Jim Morrison. I know Jim Morrison is an extreme and not everyone’s taste, but I feel as though I write sometimes similar to him with very little worry about what anyone else thinks…I like that kind of connection with another poet.

I have also been watching ‘Master Class’ videos. Mostly about poetry and writing but also about creativity. These videos have opened my eyes to how the creative process works. I appreciate this insight from people that are really successful in their craft, it has inspired me to look closely at how I write and create music, thinking outside the box more and maybe taking a little more time with my writing and photography.

I guess what I’m really saying is there is a great poem waiting to come out, I just have to dig down and find it in my own time. I continue to write because it is what frees me and makes me feel whole. The words continue to come and words continue to flow.

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