Visit the Moon

This poem came from an inspiration in my journal. My journal always has a question for the day and used it as an opportunity to write a poem.

How much would you pay to visit the moon?

Visit the Moon

The moon looking down upon the earth, to visit

Does the man there want to see me?

To sit and ask the questions of what he’’s seen

Or is it a she

If I had to pay to have this talk, what do I pay?

Is there a amount that is too much

For such a trip is priceless

Beyond the dollars of mortal

Or weight of gold

I would you see, pay whatever the cost

If I could have this chat with the man or woman in the moon

©Chris Chonos

5 thoughts on “Visit the Moon

  1. Hi Chris! Your wonderful poem tickled my muse and I could not ignore it’s call. With your permission, I have written a response and hope you don’t mind at all. 😉

    Response to “Visit The Moon” a poem by Chris at Words Flow

    Lady Moon
    By Gypsie-Ami Offenbacher-Ferris

    I am the Lady Moon
    whom you have asked
    your questions fair

    Need not you risk
    your precious life
    Don’t waste your money there

    Instead I ask you lift your face
    allow my moon-rays
    to stroke your cheeks

    That I may feel your whiskers
    and know the feel
    of your embrace

    Ask me what you wish to know
    listen carefully with your heart
    to hear my Lady Moon voice

    Be still and bask in soft moonlight
    let no other lead you astray
    Your Lady Moon is always here

    and here I’ll always stay

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