Pulled Me Down

I was in a dark place for a while in my life; and for someone reason I thought about that today…a strong emotion of depression and hopelessness. I felt I needed to write about it; amazing how that can just come to you and those emotions rise and are brought to the surface, thankfully I’m in a much better place.

Pulled Me Down

Fighting, constant struggle
Feeling boiling down, way down
Keep them at bay I tell myself, where they belong
Feeling like I could drown
Darkness consumes
Light struggles through
Pulling me back from the abyss
Far away and down
Reaching my hand out, take it please
Pull me up to the light
Positivity pulling me from the negativity
Pulling me down
As I reach that ledge, pull myself up
Here I stand head held high
Free from the darkness
That pulled me down

©Chris Chonos

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