Mind Free

Mind Free

I write and write with no directions
Is this considered imperfection
Maybe to scatter thoughts is what I need
Not know where my writing will lead
Yes, I will write words down, let my mind flow
I will see where these thoughts go
Maybe to sex, maybe to love or hate
Where these words lead, it is hard to wait
But write I say and tell myself inside
Don’t let these words hide
Give them life don’t let them die
let these words fall where they lye
So I share my words so you can see
What my mind is like when its free

©Chris Chonos

5 thoughts on “Mind Free

  1. I have been writing since 1969. I started for the school newspaper. I believe. Some of us, need to write Chris. I like the quote of Bob Dylan. “If my writing saved one life, my writing was worthwhile.”

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      1. I can’t sleep unless I write and read. I will retire 100% in two weeks. I will work on getting a book of poems published and some short stories. I have 24 stories done and five stories needing endings. 2500 poems to edit. It is hard work to be organized.

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