I’m Back

I’m back, I took a break from writing and social media, a much needed break. I had time to clear my head and stop feeling the self inflicted stress of feeling I had to write every day; and it worked.

I did post a couple of things while I was on the break but did not put that stress on myself. I always feel as though I might lose something or I’m letting myself down if I don’t write every day and post. I am taking that stress from myself and working out a schedule to post here; and it doesn’t involved every day. I realize now it is a matter of writing for myself and sharing and not the other way around.

I know now that the sharing isn’t the biggest part, it is the writing.

I am going to start reading the wonderful posts that were made by some of my favorite writers while I was away; and enjoy them, I also want to interact more with the great writers and artists out there.

I’m glad to be back 😀

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