A Few Days Away

Recently we made our way up to Door County in Wisconsin, away to celebrate my wife’s birthday. We had a lot of fun and she did some shopping and also made our way up to Washington Island. This island is just off the tip of Wisconsin in Lake Michigan; it is a gorgeous place with plenty of Fall colors to brighten up the rainy day.

The Ferry ride over

We decided to take the car over on the ferry. Normally they would have a trolley to take you around but because of the rain we took the car. It was a good decision and made it easier to see more places around the island and just explore instead of following the tour.

Fall colors

This was one of our first stops to take photos along the way, most of the roads are like this with the trees covering them and providing an amazing view.

Observation tower view
Observation tower
Stairs leading to observation tower

The pictures above are in reverse order but yes you had to take stairs up a bluff to reach the observation tower to see the amazing view. It was rainy but the view was nothing short of awe inspiring.

The Washington Island trip was simply amazing and would recommend it to anyone that gets a chance to make it to the area. We had an amazing time.

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