Story Prompt (The Meeting of Amy and Matt)

These are some prompts I used to write a short little piece

The prompts

A woman in her early thirties, who can be quite charming.

A young man in his late teens, who is very spontaneous.

The story begins at a market.

Someone loses a fortune at cards.

The Meeting of Amy and Matt

Your character takes on the role of protector

Matt was walking through the local farmer’s market and grabbed a handful of apples and ran, he did it without thinking. He had always been a spontaneous person and the excitement of stealing those apples caused a rush of adrenaline he couldn’t explain.

As he zigzagged through the crowd, he looked back to see if anyone was chasing him; and didn’t see Amy standing at the vegetable stand. She heard someone coming and just as she turned was knocked to the ground with a thud.

Matt stopped when he heard her say, ‘what the hell.’

Turning around he saw a beautiful woman laying on the ground. He reached his hand out and helped her to her feet. She wiped herself off and asked, ‘what are running from?’ Matt just stared and couldn’t mutter a single word but, ‘hi’. Amy just laughter and said, ‘Hi, my name is Amy, what’s your name?’ ‘My name is Matt, I’m sorry I knocked you down.’

Amy was intrigued with him and he was an extremely sexy, young, but sexy. I mean she wasn’t old only in her early 30’s and felt very attracted to younger guys. ‘I don’t mean to be forward, but how old are you?’ Matt shrugged and said he was 19. Amy thought, ok he is legal.

She smiled and said, ‘since you knocked me down how about buying me a coffee at the cafe down the street?’ Matt said sure; and they made their way to the cafe.

On the way to the cafe they made small talk and both felt as though their was a connection; as they approached the cafe he opened the front door for her. ‘Nice to know there are still gentlemen in the world’. Amy said, mike smiled and said ‘anything for a beautiful woman.’ Amy smiled at this and walked through the door.

They walked up to the counter and ordered their coffee and made their way to a booth sitting across from each other. Matt couldn’t stop staring into Amy’s eyes, they were a deep brown and almost forgot to answer when she asked him if he wanted to go out some time to the Casino. ‘Yes, I’d love to go out for some dinner and play some games.’ ‘Well, I didn’t say dinner, but sure we could go to the buffet and eat first.’

The conversation and company was great and Amy was excited for tonight, they parted ways with a hug.

That night Matt picked up Amy and they made their way to the Casino. Amy looked amazing in a shorter skirt, sheer blouse and black stockings, Matt couldn’t help it and had to hide his true excitement which was definitely showing.

When they got to the casino they made their way to the buffet, the food looked amazing from crab legs to prime rib…they feasted. During dinner they laughed and joked about everything from their past dating experiences, which for Matt wasn’t many to the politics of the day. Matt couldn’t help thinking that this was the most charming woman he had ever met in his entire life.

Once they finished eating they made their way to the casino to play some black jack. Matt had never played black jack before but Amy assured him he would have fun and she would teach him the rules.

As they reached the table Amy said, ‘I’ll get us some chips.’ She pulled out a wad of one hundred dollar bills and said, ‘let’s have some fun.’ They started out on a lucky streak but soon things turned sour and they started losing hundreds of dollars at a time. Amy was getting frustrated and wasn’t smiling nearly as much now, Matt was worried even though it wasn’t his money and could see the smile he loved was fading from her face.

As the last of the chips went to the dealer, Matt said, ‘let’s go and get out while we can.’ Amy looked at him with a look of despair and said that was my only money, it may not be a lot but it is a fortune to me. ‘How much was that’, Matt asked. ‘Over $10,000’, Amy told him. Matt was floored as he pulled her from the table.

Amy started to cry. Matt pulled her in close and said, ‘let’s go and take you home.’

When they got to Amy’s house Matt opened the door for her and walked her to the door. Amy smiled and took his hand, looked in his eyes and gave him a gentle kiss. ‘Thank you for being so kind, I know I have a gambling problem, but I just can’t help it.’ Matt looked at her and took her face in his hands and gave her a passionate kiss, she didn’t pull away. They kissed what seemed like forever on the front steps of her house.

‘Would you like to come in for something to drink?’, Amy asked. Matt nodded and they walked into the house.

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