Thoughts (Simple Writing?)

As I write today and every day for that matter, I sometimes feel as though my writing is so simple. Is that a good thing? I guess I don’t now if it is, but I do know that sometimes we are more critical of our own writing more than everyone else.

Today I shared a story I wrote from a writing exercise; and after writing it and reading it again…I feel as though I write at such a low level sometimes it almost feels embarrassing…I don’t know if that makes sense but it is how I feel.

Also, since I have never really trained in writing of any kind, including poetry I feel as though I don’t have a real style. I am trying to work on this by doing things on line and practicing more but I like the free flow that I have and not constraining myself to a certain way of writing.

All of this is how I feel most every time I post anything, I guess I might be hard on myself and am trying not to be.

I guess I’m wondering if anyone else feels this way sometimes? I see such good writing on here and I try not to compare myself but it is so hard not to.

Thank you for reading my post and appreciate each and everyone of you.

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