Finally Writing my Book

I have talked about this off and on for a while but now I have finally decided to do it…I’m writing a book. Here is a rough draft for the first chapter, just a snippet.

First Murder

As he stood watching the blood run to the drain in the old abandoned factory he thought to himself; what a beautiful sight, the blood looking like a stream winding through the crevices of the concrete to the drain.

He had finally done it, he had fantasized about it for so many years, killing someone with a knife, up close and personal no standing at a distance like using a gun, but up and close so he could see life escaping from their eyes, yes this is the only way to kill.

As he stood there in the moonlight shining through the broken glass windows above, standing in what he considered a spotlight for his work he realized he had to get rid of any evidence of him being there. 

He was a meticulous sort of man that watched all those shows on television of how those stupid criminals were caught by the stupidest mistakes. He wasn’t that kind of man, he was special and knew he could get away with the perfect murder.

He had chosen this particular women, a nobody really that no one would miss and he made sure no one saw them together. Brought her to this place under the lure of money for sex, yes a prostitute; the easiest of targets. 

He had knocked her out with chloroform and changed into a chemical suit while she was out just waiting for her to come too as he slit her throat, yes he knew what he was doing. There would be no transfer of blood or hair; and the body would be washed with a homemade solution to remove any other remnants including her skin…bones was all they would find, bones and blood. 

©Chris Chonos

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