Just a Little Flash Fiction

Detectives Hunch

Mike followed his hunch and visited Greg, Mac’s assistant. He didn’t know why but he thought he might be involved in the earlier murders in the Oshkosh area. Greg was a weird person and very socially awkward mostly keeping to himself and that smile he had during the first woman’s examination made him feel uncomfortable. He was relying on that sixth sense that most good detectives had, just a feeling that something wasn’t right.

Pulling up to Greg’s house he noticed his car wasn’t in the driveway, but that wasn’t goin to stoop in checking out his house, he knew if he found something it couldn’t be used in court and he would be breaking the wall but the feeling wouldn’t leave him. He looked around and walked to the back door to see if maybe Greg was one of those people that would leave the door unlocked or maybe a key under the doormat, jackpot, he was one of those people. Unlocking the door and walking in a strong smell of death hit him square in the face and winced, covering his face with a handkerchief he always kept in his pocket.

The house was a disaster and didn’t seem to be how a person that seemed so meticulous would live, there was overflowing trash and magazines and papers stashed all around the house. It seemed as though he hadn’t done dishes for weeks, with food just sitting out on the counter rotting. How could someone live like this he thought. Making his way through the house he could tell the smell was getting stronger as he neared a what appeared to be a closet door. Opening the door, he could see what the smell was, Greg was rotting away when he should have been on vacation.

©Chris Chonos

3 thoughts on “Just a Little Flash Fiction

      1. Me too….do Flash Fiction…I should try some again, but then prose takes thought and thinking energy ….where my bad poems just lyric the lazy… your piece was the perfect length and had tension throughout… thanks again.

        Liked by 1 person

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