Raised Glasses

Raised Glasses

        The world spins out of control, dominated to fear and hate
	So many people feeling irate
	Isolated from the others around
	Social anxiety is found
	Created by a fear, not rationale at all
	Easily our sanity does fall
	Exposed to control from above
	Disguised in unfounded love
	Stay in they say, don’t associate
	This advice has decided our fate
	Failed economy and small business woes
	Yell and scream, government our foe
	Big business keeps going and making money
	How ironic, think it is funny
	Big pharmacy pushes drugs on the masses
	All the while the cash it passes
	This pandemic seems to have helped them along
	And yet your representatives sing a praising song
	Saved us they did and with this we should praise
	And so together their glasses they raise
       ©Chris Chonos

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