More Flash Fiction (Justice)


As Justin made his way down the desert road, thumb out looking for a ride he thought to himself, how did I get to this point? Justin had started out his life in privilege, his father a successful lawyer and his mother an accomplished author. He knew he was expected to go to law school and follow in his foot steps, but he had other ideas and took his own path, he was going to sell drugs and be the most powerful drug dealer in Georgia, but sometimes things don’t work out like you want them too and he ended up spending 15 years in Federal prison for trafficking cocaine.

Now as he walked the road after being paroled, both parents passed away, he was on his own. He was a lone wolf looking for a new score and was never one to fall of the horse and not get back up, so he searched himself and decided he wanted to go straight.

A black sedan came down the road and slowed and the window slowly rolled down and there was a loud thud as Justin fell to the ground, blood pooling around him, he was shot dead on the spot. You see Justin had his sentence reduced by ratting out the people who had hired him to traffic the drugs, he was a narc and his employers made sure he paid for his crime, it was their own form of justice and Justin was just served his sentence.

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