Writing Prompt (Turbulent Flight)

Turbulent Flight

Mark looked up at the screens in Austin Straubel Airport, his flight to Florida was on time, he would soon be on his way to a much needed vacation in the Florida Keys. He was ready to leave the snow and cold for the warm beach and ocean of the Florida Keys. The airport was empty at six in the morning and the snow was blowing outside.

Walking up to the gate he was greeted by a young woman in the airlines uniform and took his boarding pass and welcomed him aboard, he smiled and said “Thank you, I can’t wait to leave this winter weather for the warm beach,” the woman smiled and said “I wish I could go too, hope you have a great vacation”. Making his way through the aisle he noticed that the plane was pretty empty and the stewardess told him he could pick a seat anywhere and spread out and be comfortable. Packing his carry on above he started to feel the relaxation already setting in and smiled as he sat down by the window and looked out, smiled and thought goodbye snow.

The pilot came over the intercom and welcomed the few people on the airplane welcome and told them they would be taking off shortly and to sit back and relax, turn off their cell phones and just enjoy the flight. As the airplane rolled down the taxiway Mark put his headphones and zoned out and fell asleep. He never minded flying and this was one flight he was going to enjoy.

The flight was going well until the pilot came over the intercom and told the passengers to put their seat belts on as they were going to encounter some turbulence and it could get a little rough. The seatbelt and the airplane started to bounce around, but something wasn’t right about this turbulence, all of the sudden the plane dropped and seemed to be in a nose dive. Mark grabbed on to his seat and could feel himself being pulled to the back of his seat, the overhead popped open and things started to fall all over the place. He was covered by his bag that opened and his most personal stuff started to fall out, apparently the zipper came loose somehow.

His boxers and socks were floating around as the airplane all of the sudden went up, they were starting to experience negative g’s, going in an up and down porpoising. His panties, yes he had packed panties and jockey shorts slapped one lady in the face, his face turned red with embarrassment and fear. All of the sudden one of his sex toys bopped this young women along side the head. He started to hope that they crashed, he didn’t want to have to explain this to anyone when all of the sudden the plane settled out and the pilot came over the intercom and told them he was sorry about that and they were going to continue on to their final destination as all looked good from here on out…he sighed a big sigh of relief and then he felt the shake of the stewardess who told him to put on his seat belt as they were about to hit some turbulence. His face was full of shock and horror.

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