Writing Prompt (Monster Party)

I’m really enjoying these writing prompts and flash fiction writing.

Monster Party

The party was rocking, Halloween parties were the best and after the long convention made for a great way to release the stress from the business that day. Frankenstein stood by the punch and tapped his wife on the shoulder and said “fire”, she nodded and ran her hand through her tall hair, the bonfire was up and blazing and the zombies were bobbing around it moaning in time to the eerie music playing loud from the DJ stand that was being manned by the wolf man, his nails were great for the scratching and had everyone dancing if out of their mind.

Looking around the room Frankenstein noticed his old friend Dracula, yes they had known each other for years and he wandered over to talk to his friend. “Hey Frank” Dracula said, “Errrr” Frankenstein growled. “Having a good time my reanimated friend?” Frankenstein nodded and started to tap his foot to his favorite song ‘Frankenstein’ by Edgar Winter, the wolf man was on a role and playing all the greats. Frankenstein grabbed his wife and they started to do the Frankenstein dance. Hands up high and waving them about they were feeling the rhythm and the wolf man knew he had the crowd now.

The music was what kept the mummies going and wolf man knew the song that would get everyone on the floor, The Monster Mash was the biggest hit and he howled at the full moon as he got the record spinning. The crowd went crazy and even the new comers to the scene even got out on the floor to shake their booty with the likes of Freddy Krueger, Jason and Michael Myers. All the monsters were living it up even if Dracula wasn’t alive he sure felt it and the night was just beginning.

©Chris Chonos

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