Twins (Flash Fiction)


Jasper was living the American dream; he had 2 cars in the garage, a family a nice home and a great job to pay for it all. On top of all that he loved what he did. He was an IT administrator for a huge company that allowed him to travel around the world and work on the most expensive network systems around, life couldn’t get any better but there was something missing, excitement was what he needed and he would find it in the worst possible past time murder.

Jasper was a serial killer that traveled the world all on the companies dime and couldn’t be happier. He had killed at least five women in the past 3 years, he lost count but that seemed about right as the police interrogated him. They asked if there was anyone he wanted to call and he said “Yeah call my brother Jed”.

Jed gets the call and the police tell them his brother is in prison and he wants to see him. Jed isn’t surprised, his brother was always bound to be in trouble some day since he was always in trouble in school even though he was top of his class. Jumping in the car he makes his to the police station down town.

The police officers are wondering why Jasper would want to call his brother instead of lawyer, but he had so they did. The door opened to the front of the police station and as soon as the detectives saw who they thought looked like Jasper they immediately knew it was Jed, they were identical twins; and he announced he was his brothers lawyer.

©Chris Chonos

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