Replicating Machine Blues (Flash Fiction)

Replicating machine prompt

Replicating Machine

There was a loud buzz and flash, Dr. Mattis stood watching with blacked out goggles and lab coat looking like a mad scientist creating some kind of monster, but it was not a monster he created, no it was a replicating machine. The inspiration came to him in a dream and now it was coming to reality, well hopefully it was as soon as the light went dark.

As the light finally dimmed he made his way to machine, it was the size of a small freezer with a glass window in the front and it was going to be his future and make him the richest man alive, even richer then Bill Gates or Elon Musk even. He ever so slowly opened the door and peeked inside, he had put a frozen turkey on the bottom shelf and as he peered into this wonderful machine hoping for the best and he wasn’t disappointed, it worked exactly as he hoped, there was another turkey on the top shelf. He jumped to the sky, for he wasn’t going to be rich because he was selling the machine he was going to replicate all the money he could muster and all it took was a dollar bill in his pocket.

Sliding the dollar bill on the bottom shelf he set the machine and stepped back, the machine buzzed and the light flashed and wallah he had two dollars, he kept this process up doubling it over and over until he had no idea how much money. The next day he wanted to put everything he had into the machine for he had emptied every account he had and was going to run the machine one last time. As he slid the money into machine he stood back knowing he would never have to work again or ever worry about money for the rest of his life. Starting the machine it made the same buzzing noise and lighting up as it had done all night but unfortunately this time a flame shot from it and started to rumble, he stood back and started to run to the machine but the machine burst into flames and everything he had was burned up including his house he was working out of. He ran out of the house and watched everything go up in flames, he lost everything.

You see this machine had a soul and it knew he was greedy and it is said as the machine exploded you could almost hear a laugh so evil it could be heard around the town…he hung his head and walked away homeless and penniless.

©Chris Chonos

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