Disgusting Clean Up (Flash Fiction)

Impromptu writing prompt ‘Clean Up’

Disgusting Clean Up

The blood was all over the walls, floor and bed along with brain matter and pieces of flesh. Jeff just about threw up, how did he ever get or even want a job like this? His cousin had promised him a job out of high school and only told him it would be in house cleaning, but this wasn’t dusting tables or vacuuming the carpet this was outright disgusting, but he had made a commitment and he wasn’t one to back out of a commitment, but he knew this was going to be his first and only day working for his cousin.

Typically you would roll up your sleeves and get dirty but in this case he was going to keep his sleeves down and slide up the rubber gloves. He pulled down his ventilator mask and got to work picking up sheets off the bed, the blood just oozed off of the sheets, how can something be so nasty. Putting the sheets in the bag he got to work wiping down pieces of brain matter off the wall, I hope Mr. Clean sees this because his scrub pads are definitely doing their work on the walls. Once he had the walls wiped down he got to work on the carpet; and that’s when he found a piece of the person’s eyeball, he almost lost it and threw up in his mask. He ran out of the room without looking up and ran into his cousin. “Where do you think you are going?”, his cousin asked, “I have to get out of here, I can’t do this.” His cousin shook his head and told him “Hey look you killed him, you clean up or I’m going to have do some clean up”, Jack looked shocked and went back to work to finish what he started.

©Chris Chonos

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