Writing and honesty

I have been away from the keyboard and not writing much, just haven’t felt the need to write and though taking these rare breaks can be good to me and to be honest I was down on myself and felt my writing wasn’t good enough and would never be good enough, but I am tired of feeling that way and am back on the horse doing what I love, so I wrote the short poem below to announce I’m back and longer word poor.

Word Poor

Writing has become far and between
The words I have not seen
Been alone away from writing word
Nothing to inspire in my head heard
But it has come to me at last
Like the words I heard from the past
Letting those words flow now
My mind knows again now
Just let them come and put them down
Writing these words takes away the frown
So I’m back and ready to write some more
I’m no longer word poor

©️Chris Chonos

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