Winter is Here

The last couple of days we have been in the grasp of a huge winter storm. The last couple of days we have gotten about 12 inches of snow and today we don’t have snow but frigid temperatures with the windchill. The temperature right now is -35 f. I will not be clearing the snow since it is just going to cover up all my work, so I stay warm while I can and not go out unless I have to.

Winter is Here

Two days the snow did gather upon the ground, there was white all around. 

Pretty and light, easy to shovel, didn’t even strain a muscle.

But today the the winter storm rages, dropping temperature gages.

Minus thirty-five they say on this blustery day. Wind it is whirling, snow it is swirling. Wind it does whistle causing you to bristle.

Winter is here to put on a show, blowing around this fresh fallen snow.

©️Chris Chonos

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