Reflections (2022)

As the year comes to an end and the calendar is changed to the new year it is time to reflect. With reflection comes many thoughts of the good and bad of the last year and ups and downs, but always remembering all experiences are learning experiences.

I had plenty of ups and downs with my writing, days where I didn’t think there was enough time to put down all of my words and others where I couldn’t find the words for anything. I created pages to share the music I would make and where I could share some of my love of photography. Each time showing a little more of myself.

I announced I was going to write a book and created a journal page to share that journey and learned how difficult it is to really write a book and redirected a lot of my efforts to learning the process.

With all these changes and experiences I learned more about myself; and with the new year I know I will learn so much more.

So with that I wish everyone a happy new year and may all of your resolutions and dreams come true.

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