Writing Thoughts

Am I a Poet or Novelist. I have been thinking about this a lot lately and I think I have finally come up with an answer, I’m a Poet first and foremost.

My attempts to write a book have felt like complete failures, not to say the attempts aren’t there but I just feel like I lose interest to quick. I can’t write a book on the fly and I really don’t think my ADD allows me to sit that long or focus that long on one thing. Now I’m not saying that writing poetry doesn’t take time and patience, but it feels as though ideas for poems come to me so quick and just a jot of a note or thought can inspire an entire poem where a book takes so much more planning for me; and I just don’t have the attention span to create the outline, drafts, proofreads and all the other work that goes into it…I really congratulate the people that can do that; and my book idea will sit here for a little while longer, I did get one chapter done in draft but I just don’t think it is in me to write an entire book. Maybe I will work on some short stories like I have in the past but for now writing a book is on the back burner.

Patience worn thin

No where to begin

A story to tell, words can’t find

Writing the book does hurt my mind

Poetry doesn’t do that to me, it seems more natural and though I am no Robert Frost I still enjoy sharing and writing what I create.

So as it stands there won’t be any book coming from me anytime soon and maybe there never will be, but I will take comfort in my poetry and that will work for me.

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