More Journal Ideas

My 51st birthday is coming up and seeing as this is the start of what some call the next part of your life I am throwing around the idea of having a weekly post on Sundays for the whole year that I consider the best from my journal, and posting them here in my blog. It could be a group of poems, photos, music I’ve created, word prompts or from the 30 day writing challenges I’m starting to take part in, which by the way my new journaling app provides. Basically it include anything that I want to share with the world that I may or may not have shared from the week.

This idea came to me as a way to start this next chapter, my blog is about sharing and I’m using this as a kick start this next part of my creative process. I am still working out some details but hope to have it started on the 5th of February 12th and will be called my Journaling Journey. To be honest I’m also looking for a way to kind of change up my blog a little, that’s the beautiful thing about blogging you can share what you want and how you want.

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