Winning the Lottery (Prompt)

What would you do if you won the lottery?

The Lottery

So much money, what would I do?

Would I fly away to far to distant lands, see the Pharaohs in the dessert sands

Buy a big house fancy and new, so many rooms with so much to do

Drive a shiny new car powerful and loud, just so I could attract a crowd

Pay off the bills make them go away, never worry if I can pay

By all the toys I never could afford, then I know I would never be bored

So many things I could buy that I don’t don’t need, maybe the homeless I should feed

Money can buy many things this is true, but money can’t tell me I love you

© Chris Chonos

4 thoughts on “Winning the Lottery (Prompt)

  1. I did everything I wanted to do. I would get involved in charity and education. Would be nice to add kindness to our world. Money could help others. A old wise saying written somewhere. “If you save one person. You will know know happiness. If you save many people. You will know peace.

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