That Damn Dog

Prompt: In a small town, there’s a dog that keeps getting into a chicken coop and eating the chickens. The owner of the chicken coop is threatening to shoot the dog.

That Damn Dog

“Damn it, that neighbors dog is in the chick coop again” Mike yelled to his wife as he ran out the door with his shotgun, I’m going to kill that fucking dog he told himself as he headed out the door. “Don’t do anything stupid honey” his wife yelled after him. His neighbor Ed’s dog had been eating his chickens and it was pissing him off.

Just as Mike got to the coop and was about to raise his gun Ed came running over waving his arms and yelling “Don’t you fucking shoot my dog you asshole.” Ed and Mike use to be the best of friends until Mike put up that chicken coop and got chickens, but this had ruined their friendship because Wilbur, Ed’s basset hound, had already eaten two of the chickens and they had been fighting about it the last month.

“Those chickens are my livestock, and part of my lively hood Ed now, this is the last time he eats my property.” Mike yelled back. Ed took between Mike and his dog, “You’ll have to shoot me first, and I don’t think you want to go to jail for murder.” Ed continued to stand there trying to convince Mike to put the gun down, but Mike wasn’t doing it and the anger just built up inside.

Mikes wife Mary was just about to go outside when she heard the two men yelling when all of sudden she heard one loud blasts outside, there is no way he has actually done it she thought as she opened up the back door, but sure enough when she opened the back door there Mike laid on the ground with blood coming from his chest and eyes wide open. Ed stood there with a glimmer in his eye. Mary ran to him and they both looked down at Mike.

“He was such an asshole since he got those chickens, always consumed with having to feed them and take care of them, it was like he loved them more then me” Mary said, “I knew he would break though, and that would set up the perfect reason for me to have to defend myself. We finally got what we wanted” Ed replied. They both smiled as Ed pulled Mary in close and said “Now we can finally be together, this is a clear case of self defense.” Mary nodded as they kissed and she built up some fake tears and dialed the police on her cell phone.

©Chris Chonos

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