The Cuddle (A Writing Prompt)

The Prompt: “cuddle with me for a minute.”

The Cuddle

“Cuddle with me for a minute” she said. John looked over as Michelle laid on the couch. She had just got some bad new about her friend Jess. Jess had been killed in a car accident, this devastated Michelle and John knew she wasn’t in a good place right now. “Let me just finish getting these vegetables cut up for supper” Michelle interrupted him “Just for a minute babe, I really need you loving arms around me now” John nodded, he understood how she was feeling, he had recently lost a good friend of his a couple of weeks ago and it just wrecked him.

He put the knife down and came over to the couch and put his arms around her. She began to weep gently, it was killing John to see her this way and held even tighter.

I have an amazing husband, Michelle thought to herself, I can’t believe I was having an affair with Jess while he was out of town last week. It just happened. Jess came over to help keep her company while John was out of town and one glass of wine too many is all it took for her to succumb to her best friends wants and desires. They ended up spending the entire night in her marital bed. The rest of the week was a blur and full of sexual escapades that Michelle never knew she was capable of and even involved Jess’s husband Mike, Johns best friend.

“Thank you babe” she said as she looked up at him. “Your arms feel so good and comforting and help a lot, I love you”, John smiled and said “I love you too”.

John smiled and thought, if only she knew that me and Jess were together a couple of weeks ago; and not in just a friend type of way. He and her had met each other at a bar one night and one thing led to another and him and her had sex in the back of their car. He didn’t mean for it to happen but sometimes things just do. He felt so guilty he made up a story about having to travel for work to get his mind straight.

Both of them sat for a long time in each others arms before John said “I need to get supper finished but I promise we will sit and cuddle for as long as you need to have we are done”. Michelle agreed and watched as he went back into the kitchen. Yes, she had an amazing husband, she smiled at John. John smiled back and thought to himself, I have such an amazing wife.

©Chris Chonos

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