51 Years Around the Sun (12 Feb 2023)

The first full week of my project and here we are a collection of paintings, music, prompts, poetry and even a little new art added to me. I hope you enjoy the collection.

5th February– I created this in Procreate, my digital drawing app of choice, My inspiration was a hat that I received from my wife for my birthday.

Poem I wrote the day of my birthday.

Big Five-One

A birthday over the big five-one
Seems so much older I know
But young at heart I will be
Age a state of mind you see
So bring in many more years
Numbers bring me no fears

©Chris Chonos

6th February- Created this little ditty while I had one last day off before having to go back to work…it is called ‘Funk Feeling’.

7th of February– Sometimes making something involves a little help and today my son and myself made some Irish Guinness Beef Stew. He isn’t much for the camera so I cut him out of it…just a thumbs up. It is nice to be able to do things together like this. I got the recipe off of Pinterest, the link is below.


8th of February- I have been watching a lot of episodes on coerced confessions or false confessions if you will and wrote this poem today.

Already Guilty

I did not do it, it wasn’t me
Look at the evidence and you will see

But you must have , no one else could , hit him with a bat made of wood.

But I didn’t, wasn’t even there
We’ll lock you up no one will care

An innocent man put away for something he didn’t do, hard to believe but still true

Men are fallible this fact can’t be denied
But found guilty before even tried

Injustice seems to be the state, so many times determines man’s fate.

©Chris Chonos

9th of February– Writing Prompt (Person A wants to get through a door that Person B is on the other side of. How does Person A try to convince Person B?)

“Come on let me in” Mike said as he knocked on the bathroom door. “No, I know you’ll yell at me” Joey yelled back. Joey was in trouble for breaking the lamp playing with bat like he was told not to, but his dad had to use the bathroom after eating Mexican for supper, it was tearing him up inside.

“You are in trouble but I do need to use the bathroom so let’s compromise.”

Joey thought about it for a second but didn’t really know what compromise meant, “what does compromise mean?” He asked. Mike explained to him that he would get in trouble but also it would be minor like no dessert tomorrow if he would let him in instead of a week of extra chores.

Joey thought about it as his dad clenched his ass hoping he didn’t shit his pants and finally said “it’s a deal” and opened the door.

Mike shook his sons hand and slammed the door shut behind him as he hat sounded like a huge explosion had gone off…he giggled to himself.

10th of February– I have started meditating and have a goal to meditate 3 times a day; and at the end of the first meditation my app presents me with a quote. I found this quote inspirational

“There is never anything but the present, and if one cannot live there, one cannot live anywhere”

11th of February-Tattoo day. My wife an I went and got new tattoos today. This is my fifth and wanted to get one for my other forearm. It was a quote my wife put for me on an inspirational sign. “My soul speaks through words and music”

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