Meditation goals

So, I have really gotten back into meditation and have meditated for the past 12 days; and my goal is the entire year streak…so 365 days in a row. Not that this is just a goal for the year but also hoping it becomes a life long habit.

It is amazing how much meditation helps with my mood and my ability to deal with the world around me, which can be stressful. It isn’t there to bring peace but being able to deal with the chaotic life that we all have and being mindful situations and feelings. I may only get one session of 10 minutes in but that practice is something and shooting for 3 times a day, will that happen? I hope so but I am also realistic that life doesn’t allow for that sometimes, but one session in the morning helps along with breathing exercises that only take 3 minutes sometimes.

Another goal for this year…and I’m excited as to how this could help with my focus, depression and minor anxiety.

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