About Me

A little Bit About Me

My name is Chris and I live in Neenah, Wisconsin; it’s that hand shaped state in America up by the great lakes. I have been around the world and love to travel. I am an avid photographer and will share some of my photos on my photos section; and I love to write poetry.

My poetry is somewhat simplistic in nature and a lot of times it is just a thought or maybe an emotion I’m feeling at the time. I focus a lot on the love I have for my wife…so there will be a lot of love poetry dedicated to her. My blog will mostly be focused on my writing with just a photo I take every once in a while.

I hope people enjoy what I write and take a look and leave comments about what you think and in return I will always comment back as I think it is important to because you took the time to read what I have written.

I hope everyone enjoys my blog, hope to make many new friends out there across the globe.