51 Years Around the Sun (12 Feb 2023)

The first full week of my project and here we are a collection of paintings, music, prompts, poetry and even a little new art added to me. I hope you enjoy the collection.

5th February– I created this in Procreate, my digital drawing app of choice, My inspiration was a hat that I received from my wife for my birthday.

Poem I wrote the day of my birthday.

Big Five-One

A birthday over the big five-one
Seems so much older I know
But young at heart I will be
Age a state of mind you see
So bring in many more years
Numbers bring me no fears

©Chris Chonos

6th February- Created this little ditty while I had one last day off before having to go back to work…it is called ‘Funk Feeling’.

7th of February– Sometimes making something involves a little help and today my son and myself made some Irish Guinness Beef Stew. He isn’t much for the camera so I cut him out of it…just a thumbs up. It is nice to be able to do things together like this. I got the recipe off of Pinterest, the link is below.


8th of February- I have been watching a lot of episodes on coerced confessions or false confessions if you will and wrote this poem today.

Already Guilty

I did not do it, it wasn’t me
Look at the evidence and you will see

But you must have , no one else could , hit him with a bat made of wood.

But I didn’t, wasn’t even there
We’ll lock you up no one will care

An innocent man put away for something he didn’t do, hard to believe but still true

Men are fallible this fact can’t be denied
But found guilty before even tried

Injustice seems to be the state, so many times determines man’s fate.

©Chris Chonos

9th of February– Writing Prompt (Person A wants to get through a door that Person B is on the other side of. How does Person A try to convince Person B?)

“Come on let me in” Mike said as he knocked on the bathroom door. “No, I know you’ll yell at me” Joey yelled back. Joey was in trouble for breaking the lamp playing with bat like he was told not to, but his dad had to use the bathroom after eating Mexican for supper, it was tearing him up inside.

“You are in trouble but I do need to use the bathroom so let’s compromise.”

Joey thought about it for a second but didn’t really know what compromise meant, “what does compromise mean?” He asked. Mike explained to him that he would get in trouble but also it would be minor like no dessert tomorrow if he would let him in instead of a week of extra chores.

Joey thought about it as his dad clenched his ass hoping he didn’t shit his pants and finally said “it’s a deal” and opened the door.

Mike shook his sons hand and slammed the door shut behind him as he hat sounded like a huge explosion had gone off…he giggled to himself.

10th of February– I have started meditating and have a goal to meditate 3 times a day; and at the end of the first meditation my app presents me with a quote. I found this quote inspirational

“There is never anything but the present, and if one cannot live there, one cannot live anywhere”

11th of February-Tattoo day. My wife an I went and got new tattoos today. This is my fifth and wanted to get one for my other forearm. It was a quote my wife put for me on an inspirational sign. “My soul speaks through words and music”


I wrote this after watching a show about false confessions.


I confess
After hours of coercion
I confess
After sleep deprivation
I confess
After words sent to me
I confess
Just the truth you want to see
I confess
But not the truth
I confess

©️Chris Chonos

The Cuddle (A Writing Prompt)

The Prompt: “cuddle with me for a minute.”

The Cuddle

“Cuddle with me for a minute” she said. John looked over as Michelle laid on the couch. She had just got some bad new about her friend Jess. Jess had been killed in a car accident, this devastated Michelle and John knew she wasn’t in a good place right now. “Let me just finish getting these vegetables cut up for supper” Michelle interrupted him “Just for a minute babe, I really need you loving arms around me now” John nodded, he understood how she was feeling, he had recently lost a good friend of his a couple of weeks ago and it just wrecked him.

He put the knife down and came over to the couch and put his arms around her. She began to weep gently, it was killing John to see her this way and held even tighter.

I have an amazing husband, Michelle thought to herself, I can’t believe I was having an affair with Jess while he was out of town last week. It just happened. Jess came over to help keep her company while John was out of town and one glass of wine too many is all it took for her to succumb to her best friends wants and desires. They ended up spending the entire night in her marital bed. The rest of the week was a blur and full of sexual escapades that Michelle never knew she was capable of and even involved Jess’s husband Mike, Johns best friend.

“Thank you babe” she said as she looked up at him. “Your arms feel so good and comforting and help a lot, I love you”, John smiled and said “I love you too”.

John smiled and thought, if only she knew that me and Jess were together a couple of weeks ago; and not in just a friend type of way. He and her had met each other at a bar one night and one thing led to another and him and her had sex in the back of their car. He didn’t mean for it to happen but sometimes things just do. He felt so guilty he made up a story about having to travel for work to get his mind straight.

Both of them sat for a long time in each others arms before John said “I need to get supper finished but I promise we will sit and cuddle for as long as you need to have we are done”. Michelle agreed and watched as he went back into the kitchen. Yes, she had an amazing husband, she smiled at John. John smiled back and thought to himself, I have such an amazing wife.

©Chris Chonos

51 Years Around the Sun (1)

This is the first of 52 posts in this series of my 51 years circling the sun. I wanted to start with a poem I wrote to celebrate my birthday.

Around the Sun

How time flies and years go by
Fifty-one where did they go?

So many things done, while circling the sun.

I’ve seen so much from good to bad, from glad to sad.

Experiences that helped me grow, a larger world I would know.

©️Chris Chonos

New Blog Post coming tomorrow: 51 Years Around the Sun

I have been working on my new blog post called ’51Yeaars Around the Sun’ I will have a post tomorrow to start things out and then every Sunday during the year I will post some random poems, writings, photos, music and drawings that I will put together into a post. I’m hoping to have it arranged and just a hap hazard collection of things on the page. I want to be able to touch all pieces of what I enjoy doing. I will also be working on a dedicated journal for this year at the same time and probably transcribing some things into the blog as well.

One of the ideas is to put a date for each day of the week with something I created and an excerpt from my journal for that day. I hope people find it kind of interesting and follow along. I don’t have a super exciting life but I do like to create.

Trail Traveled

Trail Traveled

Trails traveled, trees overhang, canopy overhang, blocks out the sun. 

Cool breeze blows, leaves rustle with gentle sound as chipmunks scurry across the ground.

Natures peace is revealed as the trail is traveled.

©️Chris Chonos

That Damn Dog

Prompt: In a small town, there’s a dog that keeps getting into a chicken coop and eating the chickens. The owner of the chicken coop is threatening to shoot the dog.

That Damn Dog

“Damn it, that neighbors dog is in the chick coop again” Mike yelled to his wife as he ran out the door with his shotgun, I’m going to kill that fucking dog he told himself as he headed out the door. “Don’t do anything stupid honey” his wife yelled after him. His neighbor Ed’s dog had been eating his chickens and it was pissing him off.

Just as Mike got to the coop and was about to raise his gun Ed came running over waving his arms and yelling “Don’t you fucking shoot my dog you asshole.” Ed and Mike use to be the best of friends until Mike put up that chicken coop and got chickens, but this had ruined their friendship because Wilbur, Ed’s basset hound, had already eaten two of the chickens and they had been fighting about it the last month.

“Those chickens are my livestock, and part of my lively hood Ed now, this is the last time he eats my property.” Mike yelled back. Ed took between Mike and his dog, “You’ll have to shoot me first, and I don’t think you want to go to jail for murder.” Ed continued to stand there trying to convince Mike to put the gun down, but Mike wasn’t doing it and the anger just built up inside.

Mikes wife Mary was just about to go outside when she heard the two men yelling when all of sudden she heard one loud blasts outside, there is no way he has actually done it she thought as she opened up the back door, but sure enough when she opened the back door there Mike laid on the ground with blood coming from his chest and eyes wide open. Ed stood there with a glimmer in his eye. Mary ran to him and they both looked down at Mike.

“He was such an asshole since he got those chickens, always consumed with having to feed them and take care of them, it was like he loved them more then me” Mary said, “I knew he would break though, and that would set up the perfect reason for me to have to defend myself. We finally got what we wanted” Ed replied. They both smiled as Ed pulled Mary in close and said “Now we can finally be together, this is a clear case of self defense.” Mary nodded as they kissed and she built up some fake tears and dialed the police on her cell phone.

©Chris Chonos

My Words Alone

My photo of my writing notebook

My Words Alone

To create, no plant do I require, only feelings to light the fire

Made within my mind, only way the words can find. To lay upon upon the page, whether words of love or rage.

They are mine alone, all emotions shown.

©️Chris Chonos

Sports to Play and Watch (Prompt)

What are your favorite sports to watch and play?

I don’t play any sports anymore but when I did play sports my favorite ones to play were American football and baseball. Even though I’m a small guy I played football in Jr. High and for one year of high school. I played tight end. I played a little league baseball when I was a kid and loved playing, especially when I played infield.

Even thought I never played hockey it is probably my favorite sport to watch, there is so much action going on at all times; and provides endless entertainment in my opinion.

I still look at professional sports as pure entertainment but I had been involved in some kind of sport while I was in School, it built a great friendships and helped me learn how to work as a team.