Tales taken from my imagination made into reality with satin and lace

your skin I gently trace a path to where your love does bloom

A delicate flower to be tasted as if I was a honey bee

Your nectar sweet to my lips as petals gently part

©Chris Chonos

My Grandpa

My Grandpa

I remember that day as if it wasn’t long ago, that call

Something bad has happened I heard, my heart thumped

What could have happened?

The words I heard hit me to the core

He has passed away, was all I heard

Nothing but my heart was sore, pain like nothing before

I knew he was sick, but how could it happen so fast

One day talked on the phone; and this would happen no more

Rushed to find a way to family far away

Tears rushed from my eyes, I wiped them clear

But these tears would not stop

To this day I do not forget

That day how I felt

©Chris Chonos

Many Days-New Goals

I have been very quiet in my writing these past few days. I feel as though my writing has run it’s course, it has been a terrible feeling. I feel I want to write when I can’t; and when I can write I won’t.

It has been a struggle to write lately so I have gone back to an old friend, meditation, to help ease my mind and maybe give me some clarity.

I have done this in the past and it has helped immensely, but for some unknown reason I abandon it or find some reason that I can’t practice that day, well, I’m here to tell you that I set goals for myself.

The first goal I set is to make sure that I meditate at least once a day even if it is for only a short time. I have been using an app that has a daily short 7 minute affirmation session with a 2 minute meditation session and it is my go to in the mornings…so that goal has been met for the last 28 days.

Second goal I set was to take breathing breaks during the day, especially work days. I now do 2 4 minute sessions for my breaks…it has helped keep focus on work and calmed my anxiety and the stress I feel sometimes.

Third goal is one 12-15 minute meditation session a day. I have struggled sometimes to get this in but I have been able to get a few in during my lunch break and this has truly been the most helpful because I can do a focused meditation practice done focused on how I’m feeling.

So yes, I’m on the meditation train and it feels amazing. I’m more relaxed and focused at work; and I hope this translates to my poetry and writing.

And with the final goal, to make meditation a practice that I do at least once during the day…this is a life long goal that I hope to be able to keep to myself. The most days I had ever meditated in a row was 22, so beat that, now to make a life long habit.



Accomplishment he feels

Working as he deals

With what life does throw

This helps him grow

The failures and scars dealt

Low sometimes he felt

But strong from that inside

Life sometimes cruel ride

So rise he does he does face

Sometimes life’s crazy race

And try and try he will prevail

No matter how many times he does fail

©Chris Chonos

The Factory

I was driving to the store yesterday and just thought I should take a picture of this salvage area near our house. I drive by this place a lot and have always had a fascination with industrial sites for photos.

I only had my phone with me and had to park across the street but I thought this turned out pretty good.

Magical Dreams

Magical Dreams

Magical dreams and sweet delight

These arrive every night

In dreams only in my mind

This magic I do find

Adventures and wonder I do see

These little secrets just for me

But as morning comes they fade away

Drift away as comes new day

Always waiting for another night

To bring a new magical sight

Left for only me to see

©Chris Chonos

My Work

My Work

Taking credit for the talent

Having to simply relent

Letting it escape from my grasp

Letting out the slightest gasp

My work it seems to slip away

No matter what I do or say

But fight for it I must

In my instincts I must trust

Taking back what’s mine

©️Chris Chonos