A Little Image and what it can inspire

Pictures can show so much but yet show so little. One of my other great passions that I’m sharing here…they can inspire so much emotion or feelings and many times a small little poem can follow. Solitude Let me sit by the frozen lake By the edge where the ice flows in Down by theContinue reading “A Little Image and what it can inspire”

Winter Silhouette Oh your shadow is gone till the summer comes But how your silhouette shows in the winter sun Soon leaves will cover your bare branches full And provide shade to the walking passers go Till then we enjoy your beauty in the winter sun Exquisite silhouette till the winter is done


Hoping, waiting, wanting, needing This feeling that never seems to reach me To be at peace with myself mind and soul Being free of worry of the things I can’t control They come at me like rocks flying through space Hitting my mind making it spin; it takes its toll ┬ęChrisC