Love Poem Tuesday (Love You Give to Me)

Love You Give to Me Filling my heart with love every day Like cup filled to the brim With the sweetest wine that ever tasted Not a drop will be wasted But treasured and held to be consumed Intoxicated with the sweetest joy To feel drunk with happiness To stumble and stager with glee YourContinue reading “Love Poem Tuesday (Love You Give to Me)”

Would you, could you?? — johncoyote

O so sweet, O so soft… My dearest miracle, I was alone till you blessed me with your sweet kiss and your gentle voice. Once I asked you. Would you, could you, love me? You whispered. After 50 years of, O so sweet, O so soft, we shall know, promises made are meaningless or not, […]Continue reading “Would you, could you?? — johncoyote”

Word of the Day Monday (Inflammable)

The word of the day is inflammable. Inflammable (adjective. in-FLAM-uh-bul)-Describes things that can easily catch fire. It also means easily excited or angered. Example of use: The gas is highly inflammable. The messenger trembled as he stuttered out the news of the army’s defeat to the highly inflammable king. Freedom Slips Away This time that we liveContinue reading “Word of the Day Monday (Inflammable)”

The Shack (Includes Music and photo by me)

Let me know what you think. I combined both my love of music, photography and poetry into one. This Shack Standing amongst the weeds where no one sees Darkness cast upon by water still Weeds grow up and hide Sitting by the water side Shingles with wear and tear Sides seem worn more than aContinue reading “The Shack (Includes Music and photo by me)”

Erotic Wednesday (How I Dream)

How I Dream Waiting in a dream of you Laying across the softest satin sheets Fully exposed mind and body Looking like an angel so true Waiting Waiting Waiting Waiting to take you to a place of ecstasy Of bliss beyond your wildest fantasies To ravage and make you feel whole Down to your veryContinue reading “Erotic Wednesday (How I Dream)”