In the Deep

In the Deep

A photo that I took this last weekend and manipulated with Procreate and added some of my own touches. I really enjoy working with my photos and creating different images with them and I call this ‘In the Deep’.

The original photo was of water that was so clear and the bottom was made up of green stones and created a green color…it was really cool on it’s own but I wanted to add my own touch.

Music, Art and Words (Flowers They Will Show)

Picture drawn by me and music composed by me.

Picture drawn by Chris Chonos as well as music composed

Flowers They Will Show

Path long and full of vines

Looking for the uneasy lines

Flowers red they line the way

To a tree of life this day

Vines they wrap around this tree

Under the full moon do I see

There to grow new flowers still

And in the darkness they will fill

For life will abound where beauty grows

And soon the flowers they will show

© Chris Chonos

Fire and Ice

My own art

Fire and Ice

It begins
Passion hot
Fire out of control
Burning with the very soul

But after years
The cold rolls in
Where the fire had been
It turns cold with tears

What is left
A fog of steam
Like in a dream
Where love once been

©️ Chris Chonos

Art created by me.

Painting Inspires

I call this painting ‘In the Breeze’.

I enjoy this other part of my life…it is so relaxing to just go with an idea even if I may not be the best painter. I like using my iPad to do digital painting and bringing things to life that are rolling around in my head. Maybe it will inspire a poem in the future.