A Pearl

A first attempt at a black and white photo of the moon by me.

Photo by Me

A Pearl

In the darkest night you do shine

So brilliant and fine

A pearl it seems upon a dark sea

There floating beautiful and free

© Chris Chonos

A Night Out in the Cold

Went out for a little bit in the chilly night to experience the new ice skating rink in town. A little hot cider for me and mocha for my wife. it was fun, maybe next time a little ice skating.

Our town’s Christmas tree
The new ice skating rink
The big fire place

To Begin Anew

To Begin Anew

Oh branches swaying in the cool air

For with leaves they are bare

Laying down upon the ground

Is where your leaves can be found

For seasons change is here with cold

As winter it does unfold

The green is lost to snow so white

And bitter cold winter night

But soon the air will lose it’s chill

And once bare branches will fill

For it is always true

As spring it does bring leaves anew

© Chris Chonos