A Walk in Black & White

Took a walk for a 48 mile change that I’m doing in September for military vets to help with PTSD and suicide prevention. I have 8.48 miles in so far so I have a few to go, but not to bad for being 3 days in…I’ll keep chugging along.

Today I did 5.29 miles and did a long walk around the a big block in town, so I decided to take some photos during my walk.

Train moving along the tracks
Yes, it is pointing at me, but I’m going against the grain
Just hanging out under the bridge

I love taking black and white photos and I can walk the same path every day and find something new to take a photo of that catches my eye.

A walk to Lunch

Today I went down to Milwaukee to work for the day; and on the way to lunch I was able to stop at a bridge and take a couple shots of the Milwaukee area, that is Milwaukee Wisconsin.

In the second photo I captured a few people enjoying the beautiful day and taking kayaks out.

Milwaukee was recently voted one of the ugliest cities, so I think it is nice to show the nice side of the city.

Awake Dream

Photo by me

Awake Dream

Here, sitting alone on the peaceful pier, water flows calms restless nerves

Natures beauty serves to provide a loneliness that is welcome

Taking away the cares of the busy street and city near by

Keeping in beat, the music is only mine

To sit alone is not so bad it does seem

This peacefulness, my wide awake dream

©Chris Chonos


Photo by me


Flowers beyond reach in a field surround by the city streets,

a fence guards them

Guards then from the urban sprawl

Wild they grow

Far from trampling feet

Let them grow beyond this fence

Let their beauty show

©️Chris Chonoa