The Factory

I was driving to the store yesterday and just thought I should take a picture of this salvage area near our house. I drive by this place a lot and have always had a fascination with industrial sites for photos.

I only had my phone with me and had to park across the street but I thought this turned out pretty good.

A Day to Chill

Well, I took a day off from work and just did what I wanted. That included taking some photos, writing and visiting my beautiful wife at work to have lunch with her.

It was so relaxing, I think we all need a day where we just do that for ourselves…just a creative day, whatever you want to create.

So I started my creative day by heading down to a place called Lusk Park in Appleton. It was nice and relaxing and I just took some photos and wrote the poem I posted earlier. Here are some photos from there…it was a monotone kind of day so I did most of my photos in some form of monotone.

After the Park I went and had some lunch with my wife…Jersey Mike’s Subs….yum, my favorite sub place.

Where she works is near the Fox River so I decided to walk down some steps to see what I could find down there on the Fox Trot Trail.

It was a wonderful day even though it was pretty windy…so if you get the chance to take just a day for yourself, do it. It is some of the best therapy money can’t buy.