51 Years Around the Sun (5 Mar 2023)

Another week in the books and another post. It has been a week of work and trying to create where I can. This quote may not be from today’s mediation but I found it inspirational, it was actually from yesterday’s meditation.

“Surrender is a Journey from the outer turmoil to the inner peace.”- Sri Chinmoy

27 February 2023- Poem

Falling and falling, snow covering the earth 
A cold blanket waiting for a rebirth
Soon winter must melt away,
Let the warmth of spring be felt.

The flowers will boom
The trees will blossom
Showing the flowers hidden when winter melts,
And spring days can be felt.

©Chris Chonos

28 February 2023- Photos

Took a half day off from work to enjoy some of the nicer weather and took some photos around the area. This is a trail that crosses the Fox River near where we live.

1 March 2023-Trip to the dentist

A trip to the dentist is never a fun thing but afterwards I usually grab a quick bite to eat at Culver’s to take the edge off.

2 March 2023- Bowling

Well, not a lot really happened but work, and that was filled with, well work. But on every Thursday I bowl on a league and had my best series to date, I had a 522 series with scores of 153, 180 and 189. I was pretty proud of myself that night…had fun and bowled pretty good.

3 March 2023- Prompt

Do you enjoy your job?

This is a loaded question only because the most straightforward answer is no. I don’t have any interest in what I do but the money is good and pays the bills. It deals with things that are so serious and really not fun at all, the typical office job where I sit at a desk and just fill in spreadsheets, read emails, write emails and look at numbers. It doesn’t feed my creative side and I must admit I’m sick of having someone always asking for things without any creative aspects at all. So yeah, I pretty much hate this job is not what I pictured doing for a living.

4 March 2023- Working out again

I started working out again and it felt good, got the blood pumping. I started working out at the local Planet Fitness…lots of purple and yellow.

20 minutes on the elliptical and worked legs, they are sure to feel it tomorrow.